Creating a Path to Personal Freedom


What we do

Drug & Alcohol Awareness Course

This course will demonstrate the different stages of using drugs and alcohol that a person can go through and their complex issue, it is also to advise clients in how to engage with the user on the level they are at, therefore taking away any pre judgemental issues or beliefs they may have about using drugs or alcohol or about those who use them. We will also give clients the unique insight into the life of a person who is physically and psychologically dependant on drugs or alcohol. This course also covers many different topics that aren’t explored by conventional training agencies.

Dependency Support Programme

The Walk to Freedoms Dependency Support Programme is for those who have issues and life controlling problems associated with drugs and alcohol. This therapeutic path way has been uniquely designed and built with the user of drugs and alcohol in mind. By using motivational interviewing and newly developed teachings this programme will answer the main and most important question in a users life” Why do I use when I don’t want to use and when I shouldn’t use I do?” This ongoing programme is also open to those who have come out of a detox unit or have been home detoxed, as this programme will give them the necessary tools to incorporate relapse prevention.

Young Peoples Challenge

The I AM POSSIBLE  Young Peoples Challenge is a range of specially developed enjoyable and innovative personal development workshops which are open to young people aged 11-20 years. Each workshop explores the areas of personal development that is psychologically and socially required for a young person to stay on the true path of adolescence. These early intervention and self awareness workshops will empower young people toward discovering their identity which in turn will lead to their individuality therefore giving them a focus in life toward becoming upstanding members of the community and purpose driven adults that have a clear understanding of what they want out of life and the self awareness to stay the journey toward their goals.

Mentoring Programme

In addition to these workshops this programme offers a one to one mentoring service if requested that helps young people explore the possible identities they may be forming due to relationships with peers or due to their social and community surroundings. This provision will in turn help its clients to discover their own identities and individuality as well as support them into finding their vocation and goals in life through accessing local youth services.

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I have been on the Walk to Freedom programme for nearly ten months now on and off but by doing their programme I have found that it relates to my situation in a really good way. Sometimes I read the teachings and think that it is talking about me and my situation. I came to the Walk to Freedom because I had a problem with cocaine and cannabis but now I have stopped doing coke and cannabis for 8 months now. I really like the Walk to Freedom because I finally believe I have help from people who really know what I am going through.
— Rain Dancer
I heard about the Walk to Freedom and was interested in what they do. I had a friend who needed help, so I met with Mark and he told me about their programme he then took on my friend. I also realized that I had problems in coming to terms with my late sons ad-diction issues and through the Walk to Freedom realized I did all that I could to help my son. I value the Walk to Freedom and would recommend it to any-one that needs help or support.
— Marie



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Already the Walk to Freedom is seeing peoples lives change from using drugs and alcohol problematically to becoming independent and free from their misusing lifestyles.We evidence this through our random testing programme. Our young peoples mentoring is seeing troubled young people turn around their lives gain higher education and receive awards for there positive changes to.