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There has been an everlasting need for an awareness course such as The Walk to Freedoms Drug and Alcohol Awareness Courses for workers and for people in the community. Without a course such as this people in the community and workers in the field will lack the total understanding needed to know what a user is going through so they can help or support them toward facing their challenges. We say this because until you are able to see through the eyes of the user you will never have the awareness that is necessary for improved outcomes whether in the home or in the work place.

For so long there has been a need to break down the unsaid barrier between service user and worker that carries its own stigma of the worker never been a user and the user being a professional by experience. This unique course levels the playing field between the worker and the service user and opens up the path way to more successful out comes for both the service user and the worker.

In the same way we see a long history of families and people who have a user in the home suffer the effects of the users dysfunctional life style leading to family breakups, loss of life bankruptcy and not to mention the psychological impact upon a person’s life that comes about when they care or love the user that they don’t know what to do with them other than suffer the consequences of their lifestyle with them. People and families are suffering due to their lack of understanding about how to deal with and tackle the issues of when there is a user in the home.

The Walk to Freedoms Drug and Alcohol Course for people in the community inspires and empowers its learners to have the confidence and knowledge to take back their home and their lives and help support the user to becoming accountable to their life of using.

These courses are too valuable to miss.

Awareness Course For people who have a user in thier life?


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These one day course is specifically for people who live with a user in the home or have someone in the family someone who is a user. This  can be delivered at our offices in Luton or at a location of your choice. It can accommodate up to 15 people.

Tackling drug and alcohol dependency is challenging but some approaches work better than others. From our experience, the most effective starting point is to be able to see life from the perspective of the user. Gaining this insight will enable you to approach users with empathy and confidence, which will help users to see you as someone they can trust and travel alongside on the walk to freedom.

The course is fully confidential and highly interactive, with every opportunity to ask questions and share from your experience.

Topics covered on the course include:

·         The physical, neurological and psychological causes and impact of use.

·         The different stages of drug and alcohol dependency.

·         The impact of using on family and relationships.

·         The impact of peer pressure and social stigma.

·         Ways to help users escape dependency, including a guide to motivational interviewing.

All participants on this course will receive a certificate of attendance.

This course has been accredited and certificated by the awarding body National Open College Network (NOCN) where it has been assessed and internally verified and standardisation taken place to ensure quality! Making this course sufficient for community champions, charities and faith-based organisations who engage with families or people who are having to face this challenge, as well as the families of users themselves. 

Drug & Alcohol training for your service

Like it or not we share the same problem already

Strategies for Workers Engaging with Drug & Alcohol Dependants

Today, workers in the service of drugs and alcohol dependency who have never been dependant on either before, have to face the unsaid barrier of their clients looking at them as people who will never understand where they are coming from or where they are at in their using, and this can sometimes be discouraging and disadvantageous for both parties.

The Walk to Freedoms Drug and Alcohol Awareness Course aims to help such workers overcome this disadvantage by giving them a new insight and awareness about a user with potential or ongoing problematic issues with drug and alcohol dependency.

Again like our one day course This course has been Accredited by a National Awarding body the National  Open College Network (NOCN) and has been created and designed with the user in mind and by ex users and specialised practitioners who once themselves were drug and alcohol dependent but now work in the field of drugs and alcohol, who believe this kind of awareness training is needed for people who intend to work or are working in whatever background that initiates engagement with drug and alcohol dependants. These diverse backgrounds include.

  • Social Workers
  • Support Workers
  • Counsellors
  • Doctors
  • Probation officers
  • Care workers
  • Community Champions
  • Voluntary Sector organisations
  • Faith based organisations
  • ETC……..

 These two day intensive or four day exploratory courses, aimed at professional workers takes drug and alcohol awareness to another level by giving its learners the unique opportunity to explore the life of a user by not only viewing the generic aspects of drug and alcohol dependency, but also discuss and explore society’s view on the matter and what makes a user remain locked in their compulsive behaviour, it will also help learners to gain true awareness of the issue by seeing through the eyes of the user for the first time.

different Solutions become better outcomes for your service

Course Outline:

Within this new, innovative highly interactive  course you will be trained by qualified practitioners who have struggled with the challenges of dependency; you will learn from a module which combines the generic aspects of drugs and alcohol training with insightful and thought-provoking perceptions of the user. This awareness course will also cover the indispensably interconnected family issues which arise when there is a user in the family.

To raise the awareness and personal development of learners to the complex issues and challenges  a user has to face, this course will investigate, examine, discuss and even role play these topics and more….

  • A quick look at the history of drugs and alcohol and the relevance today
  • NPS - new pyschoactive substance (formally known as Legal Highs)
  • Prescription medication, the unseen issue
  • Issues drug and alcohol dependency vs. mental health
  • Stigma in society for the user and the worker
  • The four stages of using, the journey of a user toward dependency
  • The reality of denial
  • User engagement, referral (the art of conversation)
  • Intervention awareness
  • Family problems when there is a user in the home

On Completion You Will:

  • Have a clearer understanding and revised perception of drug and alcohol dependency.
  • Be better able to improve outcomes when engaging with clients.
  • Have learned strategies to encourage clients to take deeper ownership of the challenges facing them.


This awareness course has been designed not for learners to “fix” their clients but to enhance their understanding of their clients and to level the playing field of user engagement!