i am possible: Young People's challenge

In the last fifty years adolescence has forced its way into the consciousness of western society, provoking anxiety, excitement and envy by turns in the older generation.

While many of these reactions say more about the adults than the adolescents themselves, any serious student of adolescence can see that many of our young people are in deep trouble.

This is witnessed by the increase in male adolescent suicides, or of young people becoming dependant on drugs and alcohol, or the record levels of delinquency and violence in which young people are both perpetrators and victims of knife crimes, sexual exploitation and antisocial behaviour.

Our ‘I Am Possible’ programme offers a range of innovative personal development workshops that have been specially created for young people, aged 11 to 21.

Each of the 90-minute workshops explores a different aspect of life and dependency, helping young people to develop self-awareness and attain a stronger sense of identity and purpose that will enable them to make better life choices and achieve personal goals.

The workshops are lively in style and interactive, with film, role play and team-building exercises. These workshops can be delivered to a maximum of 15 participants at a chosen location or in house.  If you would like the workshops to be delivered at our premises, please contact us for details. 

Here are just some of the workshops that we deliover  to support young people in making life saving choices for themselves :

·         Introduction and activities for group bonding.

·         Keys to success: A look at interpersonal and friendships skills. This workshop also can be delivered as a 60 motivational talk 

·         Authentically you: How we develop our self-identity.

·         Associations: Positive and negative influences of friends and how to develop stronger networks.

·         Faith vs Fear: Learning how to tackle fear.

·         A quick look at relationship: How to develop stronger personal relationships.

·         Attitude of gratitude: How gratitude and giving to others can give our lives meaning.

·         Don’t throw in the towel: How to stay grounded when times get tough. This workshop also can be delivered as a 60 motivational talk 

·         Directing your thoughts: How to think purposefully and challenge self-doubt.

·         Embracing failure: Learning how to find the positive in setbacks.

·         Drug and alcohol awareness: The effects of using, why we use and how to escape dependency

.         Social media and internet addiction: This workshop will  take a look at the similarities between  social media and internet addiction and drug addiction  

·         Inner and outer conflict resolution :A workshop on how to manage and navigate  emotions and the emotions of others

·         Choose life, choose the alternative: The impact of gun and knife crime, gang and street life and the influences that lead to living such a dangerous lifestyle

.          How to hang tough:  highly interactive workshop on personal  resilience

.         Web friendly or not  it's up to you!: An exploration workshop on social media and internet safety

.          Emotional intelligence; How to tap into your intuition to manage the behaviours of other and yourself