Speaking our stories.

So this has been an eventful week with so many meetings and events happening as the projects we work on move forward into existence!!

So the first was the Spec savers wearer of the year award 2018 which I was blessed to be invited to as a winner of the 35-44 category in the UK! I was literally a fish out of water amongst all those celebrities and glamorous people but enjoyed every minute of my Cinderella moment! I got to speak to many people about the work I do here for the Walk to Freedom and my journey in life and felt quite proud of myself for facing my fears and putting myself in the forefront…even when my knees trembled!


Yesterday I had the privilege of attending Soul Cafe in Luton to see my friend, Boss and Mentor Mark speak his story….here is an introduction and sneak peek….if you ever get an opportunity to hear him speak then please grab it…his inspiring words can change the way you look at life!

We all have our Journeys and stories to tell and sometimes the things we see as the worst things to happen to us can lead us on to the best things to change in our life…people are taken out of your life or brought together for a reason and Mark and I are truly a pair whose skills sets and dynamics compliment each other to create a winning team!

Many Thanks to the lovely Rob and Lydia Joy of Soar for hosting at their lovely Soul Cafe!


Mark Clarke