The Brand Protection Programme

Your brand is important and needs to be protected and as an employer the responsibility is yours. Employees with addiction problems need support and with our Brand Protection Programme we can provide this for you.  We cover drug & alcohol screening and reporting and should any employee test positive, our own treatment programme will be used to support them and you, thus keeping all aspects of the programme in house.  Addiction is not a dismissable offence.

Let us share our solutions with you

These sessions will be handled with all care, sensitivity and complete confidentiality by qualified and proficient practitioners in the field who themselves once had to deal with the trials of dependency therefore giving you a higher level of understanding and empathy around the condition.

Each session will support clients toward addressing their issues and challenges faced by being taken through a unique programme that looks in to the why of their using and the necessary tools to be used to avoid relapse. This robust approach has seen many clients maintain and sustain a life free from using due to the keen insight and understanding that is gained through what is learnt and applied throughout the programme

For employers there will be feedback reports to give constant updates on their employee’s engagement with the practice and laboratory drug and alcohol screening.

Drugs and Alcohol in the Work Place

Why not try our drug and alcohol awareness seminars for your workplace to give you and insight in to drug and alcohol awareness in the work place with employees?

 These 45-minute sessions will take you through:

·       Different types of drugs used in the work place and why

·       New Psychoactive Substances (legal Highs) and the new Laws

·       Warning signs of alcohol abuse

·       Warning signs of prescription abuse

·       Warning Signs of drug abuse

·       Signs to look for with particular drugs in the work place

·       Drug Paraphernalia signs of drug use in the works place

·       The Employers duty of care what an employer should do if a person is found to be abusing drugs and alcohol.

·       Sign Posting

·       Your drug and alcohol policy 

Again each session will be delivered by our practitioners in the field who know the true ins and outs of how people can hide their drug use.

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