Dependency support programme

“True freedom from using is not about not using when you don’t want to use its about learning not to you use when you do” 

FoUNDING ceo Mark Clarke


This is a rolling programme open to those, aged 16 to 65  who are seeking to control their drug and alcohol use.

Specifically, the programme aims to explore the question that many users come to: ‘Why do I use when I don’t want to use?’

In a safe and supportive environment, members of our qualitied and experienced team will lead sessions that invite users to explore the issues that might underpin their dependency.

All who think they may benefit are welcome to attend, whether you are struggling to escape dependency or struggling to stay clean.

There is no judgement. Indeed, many of our staff have personal experience of what it means to be in the grip of dependency – and what it means to discover and new found freedom.

The programme runs at our offices in Luton. Contact us for more information.